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Written by The Metallic Raven   
Thursday, 18 June 2009 00:58

11:10am -

Got to Griffin & Reed to double check the prescription.  They said everything looked good.  However the right eye while it matched all the surface scans and the in the chair figures, did not agree with the wavescan for some reason.  I still have to talk about that with the doc to find out what might have caused that (I'm a curious type hehe).  Because of that we decided to do regular non-custom in the right eye which is not really a huge deal anyway I was told.  If that had been my dominate eye we wouldn't do any custom at all at that point.  Since my left eye is actually dominate we kept it with the custom profile.  So it was off to lunch now for an hour until I return for the actual surgery.



12:30pm -

I go to the surgery check-in counter and sign two labels stating what is being done to each eye and stick 'em on my shirt.  Take the Ativan tablet and sit in the waiting room for it to kick in (I think it eventually did but I didn't feel loopy or anything).  Dr. Maboudi comes by and we confirm not doing the custom in the right eye so I get to resign new labels and swap the labels out lol.  This happens right before 1pm.



1:00pm -

D-Day, T-0, hit it, time to go in and get prepped.  I walk into a small room with one of the chairs like you sit in for your eye exam.  I put on a hairnet and then the tech tucks gauze around my ear so eye drop stuff won't run into them.  Tilt head back and puts in a bunch of anesthetic drops.  Then uses a cloth dampened with something to clean all around the eyes.  Then the surgeon comes in and  has me sit straight up while she marks my eyeballs with a marker so the laser can be adjusted if my astigmatism causes my eye to rotate when laying down.  Wow those drops work fast!!  I'm then led into the OR. 


Lay down on the chair and they position me under the laser and adjust it.  They add in some more drops and mark my eye with a circle thing.  Now the fun starts.  Eye speculum goes in.  It's kinda cold but not really uncomfortable.  I'd see other people's PRK videos where alcohol is used to loosen the epithelium.  Uh-uh, not my doc.  She pulls out this thing that from my closeup view reminded me of one of those spinning round headed toothbrushes and scrubs the epithilial layer off instead.  I talked about that with her afterwords and she says she gets consistent results that way vs. the alcohol where it depends on how much, how long it sits, and then it gets everywhere in the eye and dryes it out which is not that great.  Anyway back to the fun, so the next step is "it". 


I'm instructed to look up at the red light (not as hard as I thought it might be actually) and am told I'm locked on and it will take about 15 seconds.  They use a VISX Star 4 IR laser which means I actually can move my eye a bit and the laser tracks and adjusts on the fly, go too far and it shuts off the laser in 1/50th of a second.  About 1/2 way I smell the smoke and had totally forgot about that part, I got a bit anxious at that point because then she tells me "8 more seconds" and I swear I moved my eye but maybe my focus just jumped because she said I did great and didn't move.  Then comes the worst part of the procedure honestly, the COLD water rinse out.  She actually warned me I might get brain freeze lol and wow she wasn't kidding I came close.  Now it was time for the other eye.  Basically the same except with the custom the laser tends to bounce a round a bit more like a lightshow and I was told this would be 18 seconds instead of 15.  Knew what to fully expect this time so everything was great.



1:30ish pm -

Post-op time.  Sit in another eye exam type chair and the doc checks things with the slit lamp.  Then the tech takes my picture with the doc.  Get eye shields on and have to wear them till tomorrow except for putting in drops and then the next 4 nights after today for sleeping.  They look goofy, make everything even more fuzzy but safety is safety at this point.  I think wearing them all day is also to discourage you from doing anything other than "go home and lay down or watch TV" "no reading or computer"  Of course here I am taking a few minutes to write this down anyway which is not difficult as a touch typist and I'm not really trying to focus on the screen.  No pain at this point



2:00pm -

Get home and do a few things like unload the dishwasher.  Not having any pain just feeling a bit dry.  About 2:30 seem to be feeling a little irritation and don't know if it's the anesthetic drops wearing off already so I take a vicodin.  Turn the TV on and decide with the fact that I'm currently seeing double out the right eye and both are decently fuzzy that just resting/napping is in order for the afternoon so I get the Zune out that I pre-loaded with goodies and just start listening.



4:00pm -

Eye drop time.  Finally get to temporarily take off these silly shields.  Put the drops in but forgot to wait a few minutes before each type (anti-biotic and pain drops).  Put an ice pack on for about 5 minutes which helps the eyestrain sensation I'm having.  Put the shields back on, put the music back on and lay back down on the couch.  I swear I didn't fall asleep but must have really been enjoying the music because all of a sudden it's 5:45 and the surgeon is calling to check in......WOW I love the care that Griffin & Reed gives, I can see why they have such a great reputation in the area.



6:00pm -

Eye drop time.  Same as before but I waited like I was supposed to between drop types this time.  Ice pack again.  Sat back at the computer to type this whole thing up real quick.  Again no real pain although eyes were burning a bit when I opened them when Dr. Maboudi called, so good thing it was drop time.

PRK Day 2 Print E-mail
Written by The Metallic Raven   
Thursday, 18 June 2009 18:27

10:00am -

I go in for my 1 day post-op appointment.  I'm seeing 20/25 out of both eye combined.  The right eye is seriously more fuzzy and some ghosting than the left though.  I'm told this is due to both the fact that I'm healing and this is normal and also that this can be an effect of the contact lens bandage.  I'm also told that I'm doing very well in my healing.  That's good to hear since a year ago they wouldn't have touched my eyes due to the occular rosacea induced dryness and other junk that had been going on for years in them.  Of course that's cleaned up greatly.  I'm told I can knock the anti-biotic and the nevanex (painkiller) eye drops down to 4x a day instead of every 2 hours. 


I asked about the difference in the wavescan vs. what I was seeing out of the chair.  She said sometimes that just happens and the wavescan just doesn't see things quite right.  That's why they check the wavescan results for prescription vs. what you see out of the chair and the surface scan of the eye.  The big benefit if you can do the wavescan version of the correction is it gets rid of the higher order aberrations that cause things like halo and starbursts, i.e. some people already have these to a degree before surgery and a custom Lasik/PRK can actually get rid of it.  Without custom you may lessen them or they will just be about the same as before.


Still having no pain of any kind.  Eyes are a bit itchy/dry feeling which I think is partly due to the contacts.  Finally got to start using artificial tears today, oh that was sooooooo nice.  The other drops helped to a degree with that feeling but nothing replaces my Thera-Tears.  I'm told that I likely won't have much in the way of pain if I haven't already which is really cool, sounds like I'm in that bracket of people where PRK doesn't really cause much/any pain issues.  The surgeon did warn me this morning that as the piles of new epithelial cells finally start coming together though I may all of a sudden experience about 48 hours of pain.  I'm cool with that, and really glad she warned me in advance.  All the other stories I read about people's PRK experiences they never said the doc warned them about that, you just read a few days in that all of a sudden they're having pain and they don't know why.  Anyway that's it for now.


Afternoon/Evening -

Lots of itchy irritated eyelid from the contacts.  Finally getting that dry feeling I used to get when I'd tried contacts over the years.  At least this time it took a day instead of a couple hours to hit.  Developed a nice halo in the left eye.  I know it's all part of the healing though.  Doing lots of just laying around resting the eyes and listening to my Zune.  Roasted coffee after lunch so I wouldn't end up with a caffienne headache again (I think that's what it was).  Didn't have coffee or anything yesterday and felt it all day today even though we grabbed espresso on the way back from the morning checkup.

PRK Day 3 Print E-mail
Written by The Metallic Raven   
Friday, 19 June 2009 18:33

Morning -

Slept in which felt nice after having to get up early for the post-op yesterday.  Left eye is way worse this morning since getting up.  Feels pretty scratchy even right after tears so I'm sure it's the healing because the right eye does not feel dry at all, otherwise I'd think the left one was dried out.  Also getting some nice double vision out of the left eye which sucks since it's my dominant eye.  No TV for a while at least today I guess.  Not sure why the right eye isn't doing this, but then the left eye had custom done so maybe that makes it heal different.  I forsee a lot of couch/zune time today in the dark.  Took some of the thera-tears eye capsules with the fish oil, figured it's time to get on that and hopefully help out with the dry eye.  Also took a vicodin this morning for the burning scratchy left eye.  I almost wonder if this is the start of that "48 hours of pain" Dr. Maboudi talked about yesterday and it's just not as painful as I expected. (I expected sharp stabbing real pain)


Well I think that's it for now.  Off for a bit of caffeinne and lots of couch time with lots of water.  Staying hydrated is really important for this process, and of course me needing some coffee won't help that.  Interesting is now that I've been sitting here typing for a bit, my left eye really started watering but now it stopped and feels a bit better, of course I think that's the vicodin kicking in now that I think about it, whoo hoo.



Afternoon/Evening -

Laying around on the couch has gotten really old.  Started sitting up on the couch still with closed eyes lol.  Left eye has been a royal pain in the butt today.  It's been itchy and scratchy, I expect the scratchy part is the eye healing. I can't tell if the itchy part is healing, irritation, dry eye, irritated eyelid from the contact, or some combination of all that though.  I actually had them page Dr. Maboudi and talked to her about it because it's been bad enough that I could put drops in and 10 minutes or less later it's driving me nuts again.  She said it could be that the contact needs to just be replaced and if I don't get them out tomorrow we'd see about replacing that one.  I noticed the air in the apartment was pretty dry so I've been boiling water to add humidity that the AC is taking out. 


It cooled off this evening so I opened the windows to get some fresh air in with hopefully more humidity.  Some fresh air inside will help too I think.  Walked around the corner to the store for a few things since I can't drive.  Even with the double/multi vision and fuzziness it wasn't too bad.  Kind of in between my glasses and no glasses before.  I could still read the hanging signs and see my way around the store.


Night -

Well the scratchy sensation went away, still not sure if that was the lid or the cornea under the contact though since I noticed it more with the eye closed.  The itching even went away briefly for about 30-40 minutes after the evening round of anti-biotic drop and Nevanex.  Earlier in the day there was either no effect or it wouild last about 5 minutes.  I suppose that's a good sign.  Anyway time for one more round of thera-tears then tape on the "goggles" and head to bed.  Have my 3 day appointment at 9:10am tomorrow, hopefully I will get the contacts out and not just replaced.

PRK Day 4 Print E-mail
Written by The Metallic Raven   
Saturday, 20 June 2009 17:32

Morning -

Went in for the 9:10am appointment.  Well, contacts are not coming out today.  Hopefully Monday at 10am.  Guess that means at least 1/2 a day off on Monday.  Things are more hazy/ghosty/glary today but I think through all that both eyes are actually looking sharper on distance.  I also notice I can also see the computer better today it just looks very soft/bright/overexposed kind of like those soft effect photos where they use vaseline on the lens to soften the scene.  Also apparently I misunderstood Dr. Maboudi, I don't have 48 hours of pain coming up, I have 4-8 hours lol, phew that's a relief.  When it hits I'll just take two vicodin together and try to sleep or something if it's in the middle of the day.


Afternoon -

Spent most of the day laying on the bed with the Zune, couldn't take the couch anymore.  Eyes seem to be clearer even though that hazy/double vision stuff is still around.  As I look out the window at the houses accross the park I can see lots of detail I'd never be able to see without glasses before.  Again it just feels like if I didn't have that haze/blur/ghosting that I'd be seeing perfect which is cool.  Each eye by itself looks about the same then both together is where it looks like it could be sharp.  One thing I've noticed is the anti-biotic and Nevanex seems to irritate the eyes to a degree like getting grit in them.

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